Puppy Questionnaire


Thank you for your interest in a Sugarbush Bulldog puppy or a pup sired by our stud. Please fill out this application/questionnaire and return it to us via e-mail as an attachment or embedded in your e-mail. This application will assist us in determining if a Sugarbush Bulldog baby is able to be placed with you and become a wonderful part of your family. If we do not have puppies available at this time, we will be able to refer you to other reputable breeders that may. You also may have the option to be placed on the wait list for our next planned breeding.




1.      Why do you want a bulldog?


2.      Have you done research about this breed can you tell us what research you’ve done? 


3.      Have you ever had a bulldog yourself? 


4.      Please list the breeds you have owned and currently own. 


5.      How many pets do you have now? 


6.      Names and ages of the family members living in your household.


7.      What type of area do you reside in? (rural, suburban, city)


8.      Do you rent or own your home?(house, apartment, condo) 


9.      Do you have a fenced in yard?  If you live in an apartment, please provide me with your landlord’s contact information so I can confirm that pets are accepted. 


10.   Do you have air-conditioning?


11.  Have you ever bred a litter of pups?


12. What do you plan on doing with your puppy while you are not at home?


13.  Have you ever re-homed one of your dogs?


14.  Do you smoke?


15. Please list the name, address, and phone number of your current vet.  If you do not have a current vet, please list a previous vet.


16.  Are you a Bulldog Club of America member?  If not, do you have any interest in joining? 


17.  Will you agree to keep me updated on the puppy’s progress health wise and also keep me updated with pictures on a regular basis? 


18.  If you ever decide that you cannot keep your puppy, you must notify us before the dog is placed.  Will you agree to this?


19.  Will you agree to keep your puppy on a super premium dog food for its entire life? Check with us on a brand of dog food that you would like to feed and we will advise you. 


20. Will you enroll your puppy in a puppy obedience or socialization classes?(or any other types of training) 


21. Please specify your preference if any on gender of a puppy you are interested in, if you have no preference place “NP” here. 


22. Are you interested in a show prospect puppy or a pet companion puppy?


23. Please fill in your name, address, other pertinent information and any comments or questions you’d like to add on the lines below:



*** Puppies purchased as pets must be spayed or neutered and are placed on

Limited AKC Registration. ***






PHONE NUMBER(s):_________________________________________________


EMAIL ADDRESS:__________________________________________________


COMENTS or QUESTIONS You’d Like To Add:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________